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Medical House

filled the kitchen top. Various medication to feed Seth and Grace. Sometimes, we can get a bit confuse and in a fluster, we nearly feed the wrong medication to the kids. HIAZ! That's really bad.

Grace have been having the coughs almost every time she's asleep. I am so concern about her not having enough rest. Just last night, I was on guard waiting for her to wake up from the cough and give her a session of nebulizer. But then she slept till 4am, I did not dare to wake her seeing that sleep is so precious for her. When she cried herself from her sleep, her temperature was 38.8 deg C! Gosh! Immediately, I fed her iBrufen to bring down her temperature. Poor gal.

Seth's getting ok. He is just having the phlegmy cough and also the phlegm that flowed back to his ear that needing him to take antibiotics to prevent any infections.

Tomorrow will be work day and gonna be busy as our helper will be flying in from Philippines, so will pick her up from the airport tomorrow evening.
So many things will change. Having a helper is always a very last resort of ours but guess we have to get one for mom regardless the discomfort of having to stay with a stranger, having another liability to take care of.

Alrighty, better sleep now as tomorrow will be work day. I can imagine who will chase after me. My mail box is at 356 counts of unread emails since Friday! Crazy!

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