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Thanks to Jen, who gave us a reason to alter an item for the challenge that she has initiated. It was to alter an object and have our SB Mantra in it. Needless to say, my SB Mantra {Inspired to Create}.
Enjoyed doing this project as I have incorporated quite a few techniques in it. I am not really done with the tin but will add in little embellishments along the way. :) Once all is done, it's MOD PODGE time!

Techniques used: Heat embossing, Mod Podge, Ribbons, Painting

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    2:17 AM  

    How did you do it? What kind of tin can is it? Where did you find it? top

  • Blogger Marr says so:
    11:10 AM  


    It's a metal lunch box. Can be purchased from any LSS, BTW, I do not know your locality so it's difficult for me to advise you where to get the lunchbox. TFL! top