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{A} - Ali Edwards's Transparency Album

{ A } One of my fav celebrity scrapper. Here's an excerpt of her blog post.


Here's the how-to for the transparency book I created using the Cocoa Daisy kit from Januaury (now sold out). You could make this on your own using some chipboard for the covers, five transparencies from My Mind's Eye, chipboard alphabet from Heidi Swapp, sticker sheet from 7gypsies, twine, paint, and a couple library cards.

1. Cut the chipboard. You want to have two pieces that are 4 inches x 6 inches. To create the curved edge I used the Creative Memories decorative trimmer. Slide the chipboard in and begin the cut at about 3 inches. 

2. Paint the chipboard (both sides). I used the color Sky from Making Memories. Let it dry.

3. Score the chipboard. This will allow you to create the binding and be able to open the front and back cover. I scored both pieces of chipboard 1/2 inch from the left edge. Score on the inside (rather than the outside) of the covers so that it will fold out. I like this little tool from Tonic for scoring.


4. Photos.
I trimmed 7 photos to 2 inches x 4.5 inches. Round the corners on the right side.


5. Journal on the backs of three library cards (make sure to leave room 1/2 inch from the inside edge - this will go into the binding). My journaling talked about what is happening in Simon's life right now. You will be able to read the journaling through the transparency. Round the corners on the right side.

6. Adhere three photos onto the library cards.
Go for an even margin around the right edge of the library card.


7. Attach the library cards onto the three of the transparencies using staples near the right edge of the library card. The bottom and left sides of the library card should be matched up with the bottom and left side of the transparency.

8. There are five transparencies total: page one, three, and five have library cards. The ones that do not have a library card have photos adhered right onto the transparency (one on the front and one on the back). These photos should appear in just about the same place as they do on the library cards (you can see where this happens when you lay page two onto page three).

9. Line up all your transparencies and place them between the front and back cover. Staple to hold in place. Next use a crop-a-dile (or other hole punch) to create the holes for the twine. Place twine through holes and tie.

10. Add chipboard letters to transparencies.
• Begin with page 2: adhere the word "you" beginning at the left edge.
• Next adhere the word "loved" on page 4. Begin at the right edge with the last letter of the word ("d") - this will help with spacing.
• Now adhere the word "are" to the page 3 transparency in between the other two words.


11. Add the transparent dragonfly from My Mind's Eye to the outside back cover with a staple. Also add a sticker from the 7gypsies sticker sheet that says "made with love."


12. Add a large circle tag to the front cover with a pop dot. Punch a circle from patterned paper and adhere onto the circle. Add a small circle sticker to the top of the patterned paper circle. Journal around the outside of the circle, right onto the chipboard.

Thanks for your patience on these instructions! Enjoy!

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