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How have I been??

It has ages since I last posted any LO for my scrapblog. Totally neglected my fav hobby. Only hobby. Attribute that to the hormonal change in pregnancy! (",) Tiredness, mojoless, etc. This is one LO that I manage to do before I go into hibernation mode.

antz ride

No excuse from me but this mess are there since December 06!
I want to do up the wall so much but lack of ideas and stuffs have been all over the place!


The good thing to bring back your mojo in scrapbooking, TO ATTEND A SCRAPBOOK CLASS!! (",) Indeed, I signed up, (as one of the mods in TSL can't attend and selling the early bird seat). So, I went, attended the Fun with Fontwerks Workshop organised by TVC. It was an enjoyable time as I get to catch up with scrappers whom have not met for ages also to see SB celebrity in class. Kah-mei Smith, Fontwerks's Owner and Principal Designer conducted the workshop. I've attended 2 workshop for the day, I, Woman and the other is the firm. Interesting workshops and teaching methods unlike what you've attended in SG's LSS. I like it in the sense I can do it at my own pace and not worry about not able to catch up etc.

Here's what I've done at the workshops.

I, Woman

I woman cover
Nice Patchworks and I like the rub-ons quote.
I woman inserts
A couple of page I've done. Majority of the time in I, Woman workshop, we were trying out techniques and stuffs. so didn't really attempt on doing the pages up.

the firm

I was pretty productive for this workshop but totally drained after scrapping for a whole morning! hee...

the firm cup

Ok, here's leaving you with some photos taken at the workshop.

Kah-mei, Lina & Me
Agenda gal
AM in thoughts

You can view more of the photoes right here.

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