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"inspiredtocreate is to share my creative thoughts, findings and creations. I am an avid scrapbooker, photographer, crafter, gadgets collector." - Marilyn

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"Read all about my recent happenings, sites I've visit, things I've seen around me, where I get my inspiration."

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2 of Us


This is the March '06 challenge submission. Its for a round robin. What's a round robin? What we do is, I'll post a LO for the participating members to scraplift my LO and it goes in order till the last one in the group. That's our Scrapbook Round Robin.


I've took pretty much effort in doing this LO. The effects turn out pretty nice.
Credits go to Clara, for giving me the idea of using transparency. Also, her idea of stitching (I did not use on this LO as my fake stitch skills still sucks!). Jacq has helped in giving me the idea to anchor my photo. So the circle and the 2 of Us around the circle. Thanks! I've used transparency to print out the "2 of Us" and then glue it with Zig 2-Way Glue. It's fantastic! Can't see the glue traces and it did not spoil the Transparency.

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