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Happy Women's Day


This is done for the Women's Day Challenge at SB Gang, m4m. I am pretty anal about this LO as I did all the DIY. Techniques used: Spray Paint. To view more LOs for the Women's Day go here.

2nd altered LO
Journal pulled out

I've got rejected on the LO for Women's Day Challenge, so I added the journalling and I like the finished work. It's ingenious.

Journaling reads:
I am your one and only daughter but I always get on your nerves.
You cook delicious food and take care of me so well.
Thank you, Mom!

The princess of 2 brothers, precious and fragile.
You always love and shelther me.
You never stop taking care of me.
Thank you, brothers!

I am your best friend. We shared so much about our lives.
We cried, played and hugged. All these 23 years of friendship,
Thank you, Jas!

Your unconditional love, unwavering support, understanding.
They meant so much to me. You are my 1000 fold blessings,
so am I to you.
Thank you, my Olive Tree!

I am the one and only woman you lay your eyes upon
with love. I wish it will always be. Breastfeeding you,
makes me special to you.
Thank you, mighty champion Seth!


I enjoyed the challenges in m4m. The mastermind, Sri, is very good in getting her thoughts together and get us so motivated to scrap about our lives. It's totally fascinating too to see all the mummies coming out with so many LOs that got us ooohing...ahhing.....

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