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"inspiredtocreate is to share my creative thoughts, findings and creations. I am an avid scrapbooker, photographer, crafter, gadgets collector." - Marilyn

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{mother's love}

Finally, I've completed an album and kinda brought my mojo back a bit. Though it's nothing very techniques-intensive or any surprise but it's done with love for my dear mom to celebrate motherhood and for memory keepsakes.

mother's love cover
close up
page 1
page 3
page 5
page 7
page 8 close up
page 9
page 11

I've done the distressing in a class conducted by my good friend, Jen. IT was a interesting class, packed with loads of distressing techniques and so much to learn. Great that I've finally completed this album as a gift. Especially a gift full of meaning. TFL!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    10:25 PM  

    Love your scrapbooking work! I haven't really gotten into scrapbooking yet myself but have spent some time surfing around and looking at different styles - your stuff has really inspired me. top

  • Blogger Marr says so:
    4:42 PM  

    Thanks for the comment. :) Hope you find your style in scrapbooking soon and enjoy the process of doing it as like I do. :) It's a hobby that will stay with me for ages.... =) top