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Seth: {Scratching his buttocks...}
Seth: "Jia Lat... Pain Pain."
{Shocked and rolling my eyes! (What have he been learning??)}


seth&barneyFor the past week or so, I've been spending time scrapbooking or if not, with Seth. To me, it's precious time to capture his everyday's life and speech which always brings smiles and surprises. He has grown so much! Especially when I see his younger days photos. These days, he speaks so much more and learn to pretend play a lot. He is able to think and construct simple sentences. eg. "mommy, take horse horse." (his rocking horse from the room), "daddy, buy bread."

Just yesterday, he starts to tell me, "I love love mommy." AWE!! That truly touches me! It is tough to leave him to even go back to work. Oh btw, I am on leave again. I guess I needed the rest and also have been feeling quite a fair bit of tightening in tummy area. This pregnancy, I become so much sensitive compared to preggy with Seth. Hope I do get much better physically and mentally soon. I have to say that Seth's really a darling when it comes to loving us, he is not afraid to show his simple affection, I always like the way he cuddle my hands, in car, on bed, as he is about to sleep. In a lot of ways, we kinda of put him to such a position that it means, "we are spoiling him!!" Nonetheless, we will also discipline him at the moment he commit his mischief.

Somehow, I kinda of worry that we could have neglected baby Rui En. Comparing to my 1st pregnancy, Olive Tree was much more caring and proactive in the preggy process. But for this pregnancy, he seems to be totally oblivious. I was thinking back, how he has behaved when it was our firstborn. Sorry for comparing, but I think I felt neglected for this pregnancy. I neglect, and likewise, the daddy as well. So in a way, it's kinda of unfair for baby Rui En. She's actually very sweet and active in my womb. I enjoy the kicks she does inside. Whenever, I see the U/S scan, seeing her face always bring bright smiles to me, as to me, she's such a dearie beauty. I wish that I have all the time to nurture the little one and be rid of any stress that I am currently going through, be it at work, at home. I felt the worry freak in me being so hard to tame. Sometimes, so sick that I think to much, but is that the preggy hormones at work? My prayers always goes to having a happy baby, always smily and enjoying the life's moments. Intelligent and healthy. I prayed the same for both of our kids and God's grace and faithfulness always prevails. Yes, maybe now I am so sensitive and touchy but I hope the wild imagination of mine about how Olive Tree is treating me will not be blurring my mind too much so that I continue to feel loved. Insecurity??

Oh, and the nonsense I am spouting here, do bear with me, cause I have no avenue to vent them out except on my own blog. hee.... have a great week ahead. Be blessed with little things in life.

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