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I should be resting

Started work on Monday, 19th. It's a draggy feeling. Of cos, how can I bear to leave my two beautiful kids and not seeing them for the whole day. I know that when I get back to work, my time spend with them will be so much more lesser. I have my worries, but I push them all to the Lord and He will comfort my heart so that I will not be so bothered by them.

Workplace, crazy like a war zone. Complaints from Colleagues to Colleagues, Some left, some left and came back. Rumors, bad-mouthed, whatever, It's all the office politics. I dreaded to hear them and dreaded to be in any of them but I can't help it!

My boss is on a month unpaid leave, he was glad to see me back on monday, said that he waited to meet me, so came back to office. ha!
Anyway, once I am back, a tender awaits for me to do. Though it's nothing very major but still, a Tender. Loads of paperworks to prep as usual.

I started to drive for the week. Driving dh to work, driving back office, driving to mom's to express my milk, driving back office, driving to customer's place for meeting. Ya, it's driving me

Started work, means my temper is to be tamed. I tried my very best to really cool down and not be too hot headed, especially coming back home and be with the kids. It's pretty hard to keep cool but I try. However, just tonight, I almost scolded Seth for being whiny. Feel so terrible thereafter. I was working from home to submit a quote online. So, rushing to meet the dateline at 2359hrs. Seth keeps asking me to play with him, but I am so busy, dh is rocking Grace to sleep. Preoccupied. End up, I shouted at Seth. Terrible mommy.
I said sorry to him after I complete my work and carried him in my arms. He is very sweet at times. Really close to our hearts.

Anyway, looking to a better tomorrow and can't wait for the weekend to be here.

& I should really be , headaches, and insufficient rest....

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