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1st day in school

seth in his school uniform
Though it's not really a full time school that he is attending, but to us, it's a big milestone. It's the day when Seth goes to school! I woke up at 5am. After feeding Grace, I went about doing the name tag for his school bag, wanted to sew his name for his towels but I guess I am still not the expert in sewing. :) Anyway, I am too excited to sleep. The task will be upon me to bring Seth to the childcare centre. If Olive Tree were to bring him there, I would bet my life that Seth would not let him go off. He is sooo clingy to his daddy!

When I reached the CC(childcare centre), It was pretty chaotic, new school term, new kids on the block, crying sounds here and there. I was kinda worried Seth will get frighten of the cries but he was pretty ok. He can even remember where his shoes should be placed on the shelf.
I coaxed him to go into the class (he's in class PG-A). Some of the boys were really crying. I should say that the probability of Boys crying is so much greater than Girls! HA! What has become of this world? Girl Power is in the house, I have to say.

Seth was shy, as usual. In the beginning, he was reluctant to move much. He wanted to play with the toys but afraid to take the initiative to ask for them. After much coaxing, he relaxed and can tell me the stuffs in the class. I showed him where his bag will be placed, told him his teachers' names. I can't help but feeling proud about him, as he certainly has very good memory skills of all that was said. About 10am, I told him that I need to go to the toilet, he said to me, "I want Mommy go toilet." So, I did. I told the teacher that I am leaving and have informed Seth about it. So he should be ok playing in the class with his friends. So I left.

I went home feeling a sense of loss. Ha! Crazy isn't it? The feeling of, my boy has grown up. The mixed emotions of him attending a childcare. The worries that the classmates are not feeling well, passing the bugs to him etc. Aiyo, it really makes me want to give up working full time and just spend my days, taking care of him and Grace. I am possessive!! URRRGH! I just want Seth to stay at this stage. He is really fun and adorable. In all the things he learnt and will be learning from, I have no doubt he will do well but just can't accept the fact so nonchalantly, HE will grow up!

I thank the Lord for overseeing Seth in class, shelter him and giving him the courage, the joy in attending childcare. I pray that he learns much more and able to display his traits. Let him be the head and not the tail. Let him shine with the Lord's Glory. Amen. :)

Looking forward to tomorrow's in school again.

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