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Back to Work, Seth's to School

It's so heart-wrenching to see my darling son, Seth cried so badly today. He woke up and first thing that he said, "I don't want to go to school!" We took awhile to coax him to wear his uniform and got him to calm down by giving him his favourite FreshMilk Chocolate.

When we reached the childcare centre, he starts to be so clingy to me. He wanted me to stay and I stayed with him for awhile. Attended the chinese class with him. In fact, he enjoys the learning, but at times, he'll get over to me, and said he wants to go home. Whined a bit as well. I couldn't stay with him as I need to go back office, Ed's had meeting and then Grace got to be at Marg's place. I told him I need to leave and he was pulling me so tight, clenching onto my top blouse! Refusing to let go. That moment, I wished so much to get him back home with me, I take care of him but I maintained the composure and left him with his Teacher. \\

It's really not easy to withstand the cryings, but we need to work! So Seth kinda of suffered some emotional damage Which we prayed that God's heals his emotional state soon.

Ok, I am really sleepy, need to sleep already.

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  • Blogger jacQ says so:
    6:18 PM  

    hang in there dear :)
    G was like that too, esp when K arrived. As with most things with our little ones- this too will pass :P
    Hugs... top