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It's really amazing how time flies. Unknowingly, ya right, I wish, it's half year mark of 2008. What have I accomplished for the past half a year? Need to keep stock of what's going on in my life and what I wanna achieve for the later part of 2008. Think Think....

Anyway, this post is once again, on my darlings and also my new F100fd which was put into the test.

(All photos did not go into any PP) I am taking all these photos either in ISO100 or ISO400 and all settings were auto, there's no AP or SP function in the camera, so it can be a tad challenging to use it if you don't fully grasp at what ISO and Shutter, Aperture gives you the best results. Still exploring and want to master the handling of the camera, so that I will put this little champ into good use when I travel in 3rd week of June.

Drum roll....introducing the line-up












How's the IQ?

=} Nothing like I use to see in other P&S. Color is very natural, sharpness is superb. Love it


=} Quick to power up, fast to capture, Face Detection is accurate and quick. Minimal noise at high ISO. That's the plus point.

Overall experience?

=}Not much complaints except for the battery life, (too pampered with my Digital Rebel XT's battery life performance)

With 2.7" LCD, the power consumption is pretty fast. But I say about 250 shots? As told, the battery performance is comparable to IXUS 860IS if not better.



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