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Grace's hospitalised

It was unexpected but when the fever came back after the diarrhea episode, my instinct tells me to have her go for blood and urine test.
Either she has caught a UTI if not another bacteria infection. Her diarrhea lasted for almost 5 days, after which a high fever on Thursday that seems relentless to drop. We have to administer a concurrent doze of bifen and panadol to manage the temperature.

On Friday morning, our PD, Dr Rhonda Watt has set up the earliest appointment for us to do the tests necessary and hoping the White Blood Cells count would be within threshold and she has said that if results came back with count as high as in the 10s thousands range, Grace has to be admitted to hospital to be given IV anti-biotics. (drip)

Her lil' smiley
We had to subject our princess to the urine bag plastering on her groin area and taking of blood tests. she has cried so much. Grace was in such a trauma that she didn't pee for the 2 hours of time we spent in the hospital. While trying to get her to pee, Dr Watt has called and informed the blood test result came out and Grace's count of White Blood Cells as high as 28,000! (nominal 6,000-17,000) (ie. streptococcus infection) . She has to be admitted to hospital then. I have to hold back the tears and put on a brave front. It's the very first time of my life that my darling has to be admitted to hospital. All the thoughts streams into my mind.

The next wait of result will be the urine tests / culture tests of blood and urine. While the waiting game starts, Grace has to under go the procedure of putting the needle in her vein to prepare her for the IV drip. She must have HATED me so much then as I left her alone with the nurses and Dr. She was crying all the while and bet it has traumatized her further. When the door opened, she looked at me and calling out, "mommy, mommy...." heart wrenching totally! :( In the evening, Dr came back and informed that the blood culture results out and Grace has also contacted Mycoplasma, apart from streptococcus. That came as such a shock to us!!! My poor princess. That said, she has to undergo a 2nd antibiotics course. Inwardly, I felt bad that I did not treat her first condition of flu properly and fed her the flu medication and not thinking she might caught the bacteria from her brother.
her IV needle with support on her left hand

Munch in hospital cot
munching snacks while on IV drip

Her intravenous drip
her IV machine and her hand

Seth accompanying Grace during dinner time. We have switched from double bedded ward to single bedded ward, which allow them to spend time together without disturbing the neighbor in the next bed.

Besides that, results from the urine test confirmed that she has also contracted UTI. It could have been the past / still on going diarrhea episode.
With all these tests results, it daunt unto me that I have neglected Grace's health much and I should be responsible for her current state. We can only pray that the Urine Culture test results is negative on the organism growth in the urine. Dr Watt, has advised us the necessary course of medication to take for Grace recovery and also hope that we can have Grace discharge as quickly as possible since the hospital isn't the very conducive place for recuperation. After monitoring Grace condition in the hospital and also that Grace has no more high fever during the stay in hospital, Dr Watt gave the green light for Grace to be discharge on Sunday and we are all relieve to have her go home. Bet Grace has missed home much as well. Both she and myself must have missed our bed!

We are given 1 week hospitalization leave for care of Grace. I have also stopped Seth from school temporary to avoid any likely bacteria/virus that he may bring back from school, while Grace is recuperating at home. The kids were having a good time at home spending time, bonding together. I have got the chance to spend the quality time with them, caring for them, cooking for them. It's invaluable to have spent such time with the kids and I feel it has been the best time ever since both are born. I especially love the time, I get them to brush their teeth together, breakfast time, and learning time. The kids played hard. I would be cooking and making meals for them. When they finished the food that I've prepared, it's heartwarming and knowing that they love the food. Yes, maybe to some who may say that it's because I am only being a temporary SAHM, if I were to do this permanently, I may not enjoy it everyday. Indeed, the enjoyment and frustration came as a mix, but the precious thing of these all, is to watch them growing up healthily, happily and filled with love.

Brushing in the morning
morning routine

Seth & Grace {playtime}

This Digital LO done during the hospital stay. It has been awhile since I last did a Digital LO.
I can't help falling in love with you
On the road to recovery, Grace is doing well... thanks to all the close friends and loved ones for the care and concern towards Grace's condition.

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  • Blogger jacQ says so:
    3:12 AM  

    O no! That must have been so traumatic for you and of cos little G. Glad to know that she's doing well. The pictures of her and S are so precious!! The resilience of children huh.... :) top