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Update of Grace's condition

The week has passed so fast and we had come to the end of 1st week of March. Time truly wait for no man. Kids have been doing good at home. Grace has gone for her blood and urine tests review yesterday. She has to undergo a ultrasound scan due to the Urine culture test results, which 100k counts of organism being present in her urine. Dr Watt has advised to undergo the ultrasound scan to ensure that the bladder and kidneys are normal, with no abnormalities, such as different in size of kidneys due to scarring. She has explained to me in length of the condition likely to happened but since its the first account of UTI for Grace, we shall do a wait and see manner approach and ensure proper care are given to her especially in the hygiene aspect. Grace is still having loose stools but hoping all are the discharge of toxic and it will go back to normal soon. Her blood tests results are good and normal too.
She has almost completed the course of 2 antibiotics.

We had previously organized among closed colleagues to bring the kids to Children First event. This event was first sent by my good buddy, Clara, who is now in baking craze! :D Love the Cheesecake she made... yummy....
Anyway, the kids had a good time at Pyjamas Night...






the cuteness in them... :) makes our day...

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