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"inspiredtocreate is to share my creative thoughts, findings and creations. I am an avid scrapbooker, photographer, crafter, gadgets collector." - Marilyn

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"Read all about my recent happenings, sites I've visit, things I've seen around me, where I get my inspiration."

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AR-Challenge {be one} and Milestone


This LO is done in an hour plus. I was given clue #16 and thank God that I did not doze off with Seth while nursing him! I woke up, got the clue via email and got myself cracking. Have already got an inspiration to do a LO for this photo. Therefore, everything falls into place so timely. The lyrics is from Steven Curtis Chapmen's song, I'll take care of you.
Excerpts and paste on my LO.

I want you to know that I love you so
I'm proud to tell the world you're mine
I said it before, I'll say it once more
You'll be in my heart 'til the end of time

Techniques used: Sanding


As promised, I wanna scrap a 12X12 LO. I wanna use the new stuffs I've bought. Finally, I did. I am glad. :D The LO looks "ok". It's nothing fanciful or awesome. I would just said, it's simple. I love the photos as it's all taken reflecting the milestone of Seth, clapping hands, flying kisses..... It's all good.

Clara, so sorry. I completed the LO. Therefore the Clean and Simple Scrapbooking-The Sequel will stay at my place. (**,)

Techniques used: Distress inking, tag maker, photo editing, stamping

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  • Blogger clarii says so:
    12:36 AM  

    boohoo i have to buy the book liow :(

    anyway, lovely lo lah :) top