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"inspiredtocreate is to share my creative thoughts, findings and creations. I am an avid scrapbooker, photographer, crafter, gadgets collector." - Marilyn

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"Read all about my recent happenings, sites I've visit, things I've seen around me, where I get my inspiration."

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Treasure-Mother's Day Gift, Card-Frame-Birthday Gift

Altered Cheesboard, Mother's Day

I love to do altered project now. After attending the crop sesion at Laine's, the mojo just keeps on flowing and the mod podge is always on my mind...bwahahaha...

Today, I had a great time as I have fun, laughters and churned out 2 projects, this altered cheeseboard and another Card Frame.

Techniques used: Mod Podge, Sanding, Crumpling, Heat Embossing, Distress

Jurnus Bday Card-Front

This birthday card frame is done for my youngest niece, Jurnus. She's 2 years old today. My eldest brother loves to showcase the milestones photos of his kids, so I've made this very simple card frame for him to affix the family photo taken today. Hope they love it.

Jurnus Bday Card-Back

Here's what is done in the inside of the card frame.

Techniques used: Stamping, Distress, Heat Embossing

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