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This LO is done for my OBGYN. To thank him for being a wonderful gynae throughout my pregnancy. Ages since I've last done an LO. Before I gave birth to my princess on 3rd Sept, I was planning on an LO for Seth. But was quite mojoless, and the LO was sitting there on the scrap table for so long...... During the 1 month of confinement (after birthing), I did a card and this LO. The card was not very well done, and it was for my best friend's birthday, which I didn't intend to give to her as it was kinda of damage in process. However, my best friend didn't mind the minor damage and wanted to have it. :)

I've used SOMO August Kit for this LO that I've done for my OBGYN. The shadow box was from IKEA, and I've painted it with Acrylic paint, stamped with RF Flourishes Clear Stamp and heat embossed with distressed embossing powder. Fun project and am glad my OBGYN likes it.


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