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Another weekend comes and I feel that the time I spend at home now pass by like tornado! URRRGH! I have so much things in mind to do and so little time. Soon, I will have to return back to workforce which I super drag... =( Wish I will be much more productive next week and Grace will be napping well in the afternoon and that will leaves me good time to do my projects.

This was taken on Wed, when I was on the bed playing with Grace. This is how she looks like now at almost 7 weeks.
We went out shopping today with my SIL. She came by our place and we decided to drop by Ngee Ann City and check out the Aut/Wint wear there. Seth was happy to be able to see his Aunt again. He missed her. We bought this Tee from Life baby and it's really cute.
Seth in floral Tee
I've got some great finds today and so happy about it.

I read from one of the inspiring blogs, which now I forgot who was it, about Envirosax and love the funky, cool designs of the bags. They make good bags to carry around for your groceries, Ikea purchase etc. I wanted to get it from Australia but then the price wasn't really worth it if I am including the shipping cost. And today, I manage to find the bags in the mall and sooo overjoyed and I just need to get them!
the designs look like these:
Chose the retro as then my dh can use it as well.

Also, I've got this little nodder! It's very cute. It will nod or shake her head when you ask her questions (JK!). I saw this on one of the K-drama that I watching and it's simply adorable. :)

We went to Mushroom Pot for our dinner with my brother and sil. And then Seth did this!
Seth opens door
Runs away
What is he thinking?! Running in diaper! What happened was, he spilled the cup of water on his lap. He refused to wear his pants after the pants were wet, it's not that all wet but being him, very particular, he refuses and we have no choice but to take off the pants and he goes around in the diaper!
We sat near the entrance of the restaurant, and guess what?! This little guy, went on, "Shi-ni-mah-se" when someone enters. We can't really hear what he said till he kept on repeating when someone enters. It got us laughed out loud. We've been bringing him too often to the Japanese restaurants.

Got a little bit tough getting Grace to sleep while we eat. Thank God, she slept after my dh rocked her in his arms and then he can have his dinner.
grace's asleep

So much for the little update and somethings wrong with my powerbook power supply. I hope it won't die on me, else I am going to cry like the nile river! *Pray HARD*

have a great sunday!

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