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"inspiredtocreate is to share my creative thoughts, findings and creations. I am an avid scrapbooker, photographer, crafter, gadgets collector." - Marilyn

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my scrap room

Oh and finally, I've done my clean up for my scraproom. It's not totally in order yet but it's good enough to meet the public eye. :)






bamboo fun
and this is the newly acquired toy that I've not yet explored. I hope to learn the tricks soon and make full use of it. :) It's really slick and nice. love the blue ring light up on the tablet.


Marr's iTune is playing:

痴心絕對(痴到飽唱到飽Kala版) from the album "絕對痴心.手放開" by 李聖傑

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  • Blogger jacQ says so:
    12:58 AM  

    wow! Wat a neat space. My scrapspace is now at the dining table..... sigh. no choice, it's the only room that'll let me see both the kids at the same time! :P top

  • Blogger Kelly S. says so:
    11:38 PM  

    love your space, what a cute corner for your boy! top

  • Blogger Lan says so:
    9:45 PM  

    Great Space, what kind of desk lamp is that? Can I ask where you got it? top

  • Blogger Marr says so:
    11:47 PM  

    Hi Lan,
    thanks for dropping by my blog. I've purchased the lamp and it's from 3M. Here's a link you can check out on the product.

    http://products3.3m.com/catalog/us/en001/government/innovative_solutions/node_GS22PXZ66Xbe/root_GS3RBW6QFVgv/vroot_31S2JJ7584ge/gvel_9JJRJML7MHgl/theme_us_innovativesolutions_3_0/command_AbcPageHandler/output_html top